San Francisco Cartoon Museum


It’s A Bird, it’s a Plane, no  it’s Wonder Women, Superman, Batman, The Joker, Daisy Duck, Just a few of our beloved animation characters that are moving to 781 Beach Street

San Francisco, CA.

The Cartoon Art Museum’s mission is to ignite imaginations and foster the next generation of visual storytellers by celebrating the history of cartoon art, its role in society, and its universal appeal. Our vision is to be the premier destination to experience cartoon art in all its many forms from around the world, and a leader in providing insight into the process of creating it.

Through exhibitions, artist appearances, and community outreach programs, the museum demonstrates how cartoon art entertains, communicates diversity, and champions self-expression.

In 1984, a group of cartoon art enthusiasts began organizing exhibitions by using artwork from their own collections. For several years, the Cartoon Art Museum was a “museum without walls,” setting up shows in local museums and corporate spaces. In 1987, with an endowment from Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, the museum established residence in the heart of San Francisco’s new vibrant art center, Yerba Buena Gardens. The museum moved from its original home, 665 Third Street to 814 Mission Street in 1995. In 2001, the museum moved to a new location down the street, where it remained for the next 14 years. The 655 Mission Street location closed in 2015, as we work towards creating our new long-term facility. Over the past three decades, the museum has produced nearly 200 exhibitions on topics ranging from politics and sports to children’s literature and Latino culture, and more than 20 publications celebrating and examining the diversity of cartoon art in animation, comics, graphic novels, zines and book illustration.

Among the hundreds of artists that have been featured are Kate Beaton, Mary Blair, Roz Chast, Robert Crumb, Dan DeCarlo, Will Eisner, Phil Frank, Dave Gibbons, Edward Gorey, Los Bros. Hernandez, Lynn Johnston, Chuck Jones, Jack Kirby, Keith Knight, Tom Meyer, Trina Robbins, Spain Rodriguez, John Romita, Stan Sakai, Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz, Raina Telgemeier, Garry Trudeau, Morrie Turner, Mort Walker, Bill Watterson, and Wally Wood. The museum’s Sparky Awards, named for Peanuts creator Charles “Sparky” Schulz, have been awarded to more than 20 cartoonists and other significant contributors to the world of cartoon art.


There are many ways you can support the arts and help preserve cartoon art history. You can support us by donating money, art, objects, or time which helps the Cartoon Art Museum in its efforts to serve the community through unique exhibits, vital educational programs, and the collection of cartoon art. We depend on your generous contributions to continue this important work. The Cartoon Art Museum is a non-profit institution, donations are tax-deductible.

Some cells are for sale : interested qualified parties contact :


“HOCKNEY” Film Review

David Hockney, is one of the renowned artists of the 20th century. His life thus far is explored in this collaborative documentary . Hockney, has had many labels that were thrust upon him i.e.: “Queer, working class, figurative artist”. He struggled to overcome these labels. In the 60′-70’s they had far more of a stigma then they would culturally have now.

At age 78, Hockney is still garnering even more  popularity with a new resurgence worldwide.  He is actively working daily in his art studios, seven days a week . He continues to experiment with painting, theater, multimedia and photography.

Directed by English documentarian, Randall Wright. Wright has directed over 20 documentaries and has garnered several awards. I confess, I have not seen any of his films,  I can only review his direction in “Hockney”.

The first half of the film is like watching paint dry. There are interviews and commentaries by people that seem only to be known by Hockney and the director. We see their name under a talking head but they are not “a known” identity. We don’t know what they do or their relationship to Hockney.  A simple chyron IE: “Artist” “Relative” “Lover,” etc. would explain volumes. The interviewees are dull and boring and once you get past that, they don’t shed much important information about Hockney.

It is not until the last half of the film that we get to actually see pieces of his art and Hockney himself gives his insight into them. If the whole film were more in this vain then it would be a Documentary worth recommending ! The artwork below is why we watched to begin with.



Hockney A-Bigger-Splash



Beverly Hills Housewife_ 1966-1967



hockney Self Portrait

“Hockney” opens May 27th , 2016  at Landmark’s San Francisco  Opera Plaza

Cinema and Shattuck Cinemas.

RATED :  2 Honey 🐝🐝’s     


1st monday may poster

As May 1, 2016 approaches, inside the ivory tower of Vogue magazine’s offices, their fearless leader Anna Wintour is whipping her army of minions into shape. This army will soon invade the Metropolitan Museum on the tony upper fifth avenue of New York City. Inside the “Met” will be no different under the helm of Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton.

The Met Gala, is one of the biggest global fashion events chaired every year by Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. The main goal is a charity fundraiser for the Metropolitan Costume Institute.  After seeing “First Monday in May” directed by  Andrew Rossi , one must give pause as to whether raising the most money for the fundraiser is really the main objective.

“First Monday in May” is the documentation of the creation of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most attended fashion exhibition in history, “China: Through The Looking Glass,(2015)” an exploration of Chinese-inspired Western fashions by Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton. Film director Rossi captures the collision of haute couture and celebrity at the Met Gala. Featured in the film : filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and fashion designers Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano. Galliano is wearing his new softer, clean look or “costume” to re-image himself after his 2011 arrest for his anti-semitic Jewish tirade in a Paris bar. Not his first, his prior rant in public to a group of Italian women, he declared ” I love Hitler..People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be Fu’king gassed”

The film delves into the debate about whether fashion should be viewed as art.

As Ms.Wintour, proclaims “Fashion can create a dream or a fantasy”.  Was it a dream or a fantasy when she was interviewed  and was addressed  as the “Dragon in the room” or when more comments referring  to “The Devil Wears Prada ?”

Leading the way from “Fashion to Art” was designer Alexander McQueen. Dubbed by his peers as “genius” for his imaginative creations. He was awarded the title “British Designer of the Year” four times between the years 1996 and 2003. Mcqueen’s suicide in 2011  shocked the fashion world. He left a  legacy of 36 collections for his London label alone.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted a posthumous exhibition of McQueen’s work in 2011 titled “Savage Beauty”. Only open for three months, it was one of the most popular exhibitions in the museum’s history. It was so popular it became a traveling exhibition.

Costume Institute curator Andrew Bolton and Chair Anna Wintour are determined to surpass McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” exhibition’s record and accolades.

Bring on the teams of advisors, technicians, party planners, artisians in every applicable

arena in order to pull off “THE Fashion Event” . This includes an extensive trip to China with an entourage in tow. Chinese cultural advisors and interpreters to express what China is like in the 21st century of fashion rather than the fashion culture of the past . The Western contingency only focused on the costumes from the Suzy Wong era. After all of the expense for this R&D trip,  Andrew Bolton required in order to curate the charity he remarked ” in the end it is up to what I want to have interpreted and displayed” I think he was discounting his traveling associate Ms. Anna “Dragon Lady ” Wintour’s input. Maybe it was his pretentious air that went to his head? It seems that in order to be part of Haute Couture Fashion one needs to speak with an affectation. I guess it elevates the distinction between  Pret a Porter, expensive ready to wear versus haute couture’s, one of a kind creations that is being elevated to “art” costing about the same. That must be why ready to wear designer Michael Kors sounds like a regular New Yorker.

Director Rossi takes us behind the scenes into many, many meetings .

What I did learn from the meetings we are privy to, was that the word du jour is “Genius” said by all with a variation on the pretentious affectation utterance of the word.

I would have enjoyed seeing the actual work done by the artisan workers which actually installed the finished show and what they had to do to achieve their art in lighting, placement, back drops and so much more . The end result is just gorgeous! A real work of art in the displaying of the fashion pieces that are unique. The showcasing of the collection and theme of ” China: Through the looking glass”  is after all what it is all about. Exhibitions like this ensures the importance of preserving The Metropolitan Costume Institute .

One of the highlights is watching how one in the pop celebrity world is chosen to get a coveted invitation,  that’s just part one. It is what table and with whom you will be seated with is part two. Part three is the location of said dinner table. Yes, there is quite the pecking order for the acclaimed fundraiser. If you are a “star get” ( star that is hard to get) you are rewarded in different ways. How many get to accompany you, plus one? two? three? or your posse? And yes there are the Stars that are Paid to come to the charity event. Rihanna was THE must have. Rihanna, is quite beautiful and is a “fashionista” granted. She rose to popularity in 2005 with a single “Pon De Replay” ( Lyrical hook (hey mista dj turn the music up) a dance song. I wonder about her rise to popular star status with her best known single “Umbrella” with that hook of poignant songwriting lyrics “brella, ella ella eh eh you can stand under, under my umbrella, brella ella eh eh” can this be what American culture has set as its bar of songwriting  excellence?  Is this what the mass’s consider, eloquent , even thought provoking or just plain good lyrics? a great hook? Adele are you listening ! ?

So, in the world of Haute Couture, Rihanna is the “IT Girl” and the Met Gala board were willing to pay her 4 times the amount of anyone to the tune of $400,000 including her posse in attendance. All she had to do was show up wearing  what was deemed to be the piece de resistance gown for this important fundraiser for the Metropolitan Costume Institute.

Garnering  the most press coverage, eating dinner and saying a couple of words to her adoring attendees. I think she should be paying the charity for this honor and publicity rather than the other way around. What do you think?

The night is finally here after nearly a year in planning. It was said by Anna Wintour “High Fashion is the most extraordinary expression, when this medium is paired with celebrity it becomes bigger than both of them”

Andre Leon Talley  fashion’s biggest in every way, fashion critic perched himself atop of the red carpeted  Met. Gala steps to talk to the privileged and gifted attendees of his choosing. He laments that George Clooney and Amal did not stop to talk to him!  But, is exulted that he got Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to chat it up with him.

The throngs of photographers , reporters and social media are pressed together in holding pens and other secure areas. All shooting at pretty much the same angle for relatively the same shot of the outrageously outfitted pop culture stars. The designers are escorted arm in arm with their favorite star in beautifully designed creations made just for them . It isn’t just the show’s exhibit of “China : Through the looking glass ” that is on display. Everyone and every object is on display on the First Monday in May. I think Larry David in his own imitable way summed it up best as he was almost trampled on his way up to the coveted red carpet Met Gala steps  “What the Fuck is this?”

Rated: 2 1/2 fashionable Honey  🐝🐝 1/2🐝






Spring into Film Festivals

Spring is a time for renewal, rebirthing and awakening. For me it is all of that but in addition it signals that it is Film Festival time !.. There is a film, a theme for everyone everywhere. Film Festivals range from the star studded Palm Springs film festival to San Francisco’s 6th Green Film festival where you won’t find a shortage of Prius’ and Leafs around the block.

What ever floats your (celluloid) boat as long as you get out and support the Film Festivals that do not have the mega watt dollars and venues of established Hollywood blockbusters. Here are a few of the highlights from the Film Festivals opening in April.

Just over the Golden Gate Bridge you will find “The Tiburon Film Festival”


Tickets on Sale Now
April 8-15, 2016

For films, click here ~ For schedule & tickets, click here

“Taking Alcatraz”

Saturday, April 9, 2016 @ 01:30 PM

Director: John Ferry, 2015, USA, Cast: Adam Fortunate Eagle

On November 20,1969 a group of Native Americans landed on Alcatraz Island and claimed it as their own. They stayed for 19 months. While the media reported every move and the government fought to stop them, families moved in, thousands of supporters visited or sent supplies, and drums beat far into the night. After centuries of seeing their land stolen from them, Native Americans seized the rocky island and held on to it. Alcatraz became a symbol of hope, inspiration and change for Indian people everywhere.
Attending: John Ferry [director]

Screening with: “Lightning In The Hand”

“Life on the Border”

Monday, April 11, 2016 @ 04:00 PM

Producer: Bahman Ghobadi, 2015, Syria / Iraq, 73 minutes

The fate of thousands of people is unified under the tarpaulins of the refugee camps in Kobanê and in Shingal after ISIS attacked their cities, homes and families. Kurdish filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi [A Time for Drunken Horses] has given eight children the opportunity to use a camera to tell their own stories. Each film gives us a glimpse into the plight of the children, as seen through their own eyes. Their stories tell of young people with their whole lives ahead of them, though they’ve already lost almost everything.

Director: Rekesh Shahbaz, 2015, Kurdistan, 23 minutes

Their road paved by genocides, mass executions and enslavement, the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria left countless families of the Yezidi minority in Kurdistan scattered. We follow a young man back to his besieged village to save his elderly parents who were left behind by the first wave of refugees.

“13 Million Voices”

Thursday, April 14, 2016 @ 06:00 PM

Director: Janelle Gueits, 2015, Cuba/USA, 87 minutes, Cast: Juanes, Miguel Bosé, Orishas, Olga Tañón, Carlos Varela, X Alfonso

Set against the musical backdrop of the historic Peace Without Borders concert in Havana, the 13 Million Voices traces the personal ten-year (2004-2014) journey of its protagonists to illuminate the stories of Cuba’s forgotten youth. As the path of the biggest international names in Latin music, youth protagonists, and the 1.3 million in attendance intersect, a concert is transformed into the voice of a generation.

From Kurdistan to CUBA;

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 @ 08:00 PM

Director: Zuzy Martin Lynch, 2015, Cuba/USA, 65 minutes, Cast: Soledad O’Brien, Jessica Aguirre, Carmen Palaez, Albert Cutie, Carlos Ponce, Eglise Gutierrez, Miguel Gonzalez

Craving Cuba is a documentary film about the Cuban-American experience, relative to what’s happening with Cuba today. This is a story about identity, family, exile and hope. Zuzy was born in New Jersey to Cuban-exiles and she’s never been to Cuba. Although she has always felt very American, there was always a strong pull to the other half of her identity.

Attending: Zuzy Martin Lynch [director]


Sunday, April 10, 2016 @ 12:00 PM

Director: Carlos Barba Salva, 2015, Cuba, 111 minutes, Documentary

Humberto, a documentary from Cuba, Explores the life and work of celebrated Cuban filmmaker ‪‎Humberto Solas‬, director of the seminal film “Lucia.” Solas was a filmmaker, dreamer and beloved figure in Cuba and abroad. Five years after his death, colleagues, family and friends guide us on a tour of his feature films, his life and cultural imprint.

Playhouse Theater
40 Main Street
Tiburon, CA 94920

Not too far from Tiburon in Marin county,  you should make your way to the
19th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival
March 30 – April 3 – Featuring more than 100 hand-selected films with a range of topics, including LGBT, social responsibility, health & wellness, sports, special needs, food & wine and more.

After sampling the bounty of fresh farm to table food and exquisite wines that will be served on the famed Sonoma Square. Drive back through the winding vineyard roads to San Francisco for the  6th “San Francisco Green Film Festival

The Festival, runs from Thursday, April 14 through Wednesday, April 20, and comes to a conclusion just before Earth Day on April 22. Over 4,000 attendees are expected at the 60 film screenings, workshops and parties across seven days.

Over 90 visiting filmmakers and guest speakers will cover green topics surrounding energy, water, food, cities, and nature. The 2016 Festival’s theme is Keep it Wild, showcasing films & discussions that inspire us to protect our planet and preserve our wilderness. The Festival will also feature live events, parties, green arts, panels and workshops, inviting festival attendees to get involved and take action.



Green Film Fest 2016 kicks-off with a new film from Oscar nominated director Josh Fox (Gasland). Fox continues in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change – the greatest threat our world has ever known. Traveling to 12 countries on 6 continents, he asks, what is it that climate change can’t destroy? HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD is part of a bold series of films at Green Film Fest that reflect on the climate deal made in Paris last year, and challenge those in power to respond to people on the frontlines of climate change. Director Josh Fox will be in attendance for the San Francisco Premiere of the film. (Josh Fox, USA, 2016, 125 mins) Thursday, April 14 at the Castro Theatre at 7:30pm


This year’s Centrepiece goes to the heart of Green Film Fest’s theme Keep It Wild. From directors Andrew Adkins & George Potter, AN AMERICAN ASCENT sets out to change the face of the outdoors, following nine African Americans take on America’s highest peak: Denali. There has never been an expedition like this before. Their goal is not only to summit, but to prove the outdoors is for everyone and inspire a new generation to protect our wild places. Bay Area climber and star of the film, Scott Briscoe, joins us for this San Francisco Premiere. (Andrew Adkins, George Potter, USA, 2014, 69 mins) Sunday, April 19 at the Roxie Theatre at 8:30pm.


BORN FREE ,The star of the 1966 classic wildlife film Born Free, Virginia McKenna, is the special guest at this year’s 6th San Francisco Green Film Festival closing night film. Virginia McKenna comes to San Francisco to celebrate the 50th Anniversary screening of this wildlife epic. For five decades, the story of Elsa the Lioness has captured hearts around the globe, not least inspiring star Virginia McKenna’s Born Free Foundation, dedicated to protecting these majestic animals. Ms. McKenna will be presented with the 2016 Inspiring Lives Award at the screening. (James Hill, UK/USA, 1966, 95 mins) Wednesday, April 20 at the Castro Theatre at 6.30pm


Green Film Fest 2016 concludes with an incredible World Premiere from San Francisco director

Mark Decena. NOT WITHOUT US takes us to Paris with seven grassroots activists from around the world head for the UN Climate Talks. Their moving and personal journeys as activists has led them to this point and they want world leaders to feel the pressure. A deal was signed, but the question still remains: can the COP21 agreement stop catastrophic climate change and if not, then is it up to us? Mark Decena will be in attendance to accept the 2016 Green Tenacity Award, with international activists from the film. (Mark Decena, USA, 2016, 90 mins) Wednesday, April 20 at the Castro Theatre at 9.15pm

“The Buzz From Honey B”.. review. As poignant a topic as the COP21 is, unfortunately  the direction and editing can lead to a big yawn or was it that the coffee they served at the morning press conference lacked the proper amount of caffeine to sustain the amount of enthusiasm for this film? At the end of the day the subject matter is what counts and the COP21 is what counts.

Find out more about the 6th SF Green Film Festival, which takes place at the Castro Theatre, the Roxie Theatre, Koret Auditorium at the San Francisco Public Library Main Branch, and several venues in Berkeley.

SF Green Film Festival

SHHHHH! Last but not least is the 26th San Francisco “SILENT FILM FESTIVAL”

Press conference for the details are not until April 6th. I am looking forward to finding out as much as I can and disseminating this info on to you. If you have specific questions that you would like me to ask at the press conference please post your questions.




The 18th SF Independent Film Festival (SF IndieFest) February 11-25, 2016

Some of the most unique and compelling new indie films will screen over the course of the festival and San Francisco audiences will have the opportunity to meet some filmmakers .SF is taking a popular  Sundance Film Festival attraction by the accessiblity of Q&A’s with the talent behind the films. There are some outstanding comedies, horror flicks, love stories, documentaries and short films.

Opening night feature’s  “FRANK and CINDY”. Starring Rene Russo and Oliver Platt are aging  Rock N Rollers . Frank (Oliver Platt) was the lead guitarist and vocalist of a 80’s one hit wonder group . Cindy (Renee Russo) gives a spot on performance as the ultimate groupie grown up. Having a son (C.J), from a previous marriage to another Rock musician adds to the almost biographical  depiction of Director G.J. Echternkamp’s personal retelling of his late teen years . The continual years of drinking and drugs have left their delusions of stardom, instead with emotional scars on all three.

“Frank and Cindy” depict the other side of the music industry’s fallen talent.  Very few musicians have sustaining careers in the spotlight.

RATED: 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Closing night’s Feature film is presented in 35mm,” TOO LATE” will close the 18th SF IndieFest on Thursday, February 25th at 9:15pm at the Roxie Theater. The film follows a private investigator (John Hawkes) as he finds himself tangled up in a sleazy scandal involving strip clubs, petty drug pushers and missing girls. Dennis Hauk’s debut feature plays out in five, twenty-two minute shots, the maximum allowed on Techniscope 35mm. Hauk has artistically woven the five segments almost like a painter creating a five-iptic painting.  Hauk takes you on a gripping journey through what an independent creative film can only do. I am anxious to see what this young innovative Director does next.


Sandwiched between the great SF Indie Film judges picks for the Opening and Closing films, here are the so called veggie burgers and kale that is in between . There is something for everyone. Information on tickets and venues are below.

Music In Film Spotlight
For its 18th installment, the festival is excited to collaborate with Noise Pop and showcase films that focus on music, including:
Mike Todd’s documentary, HUSTLERS CONVENTION, in which Todd goes in search of the artist behind the titular 1973 album. The film includes interviews with George Clinton, Fab 5 Freddy, Ice-T, and Chuck D, leading to the album’s first live performance by Jalal Nuriddin aka Lightnin’ Rod.
AKOUNAK TEDALAT TAHA TAZOUGHAI (RAIN THE COLOR OF BLUE WITH A LITTLE RED IN IT), a Nigerian remake of PURPLE RAIN. Mdou Moctar arrives in a music-mad Niger town and sets about wooing a local beauty, clashing with his pious father, and fencing with the jealous king of the local scene until their climactic six-string shootout.
THE JOURNEY WITHIN follows musicians in post 9/11 Pakistan who go on a quest for self-identity by starting a music show to reclaim the vast musical heritage of their country.
In SLY JOHNSON: ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS the Velvet-voiced soul singer Syl Johnson is chronicled from his decades long struggles, which ultimately lead to him to leave the music business in the 1980s to his opening a Chicago fried-fish chain. But with the dawn of hip hop came the unexpected, widespread embrace of his 1967 song “Different Strokes” – sampled by artists as diverse as Run-DMC, Michael Jackson, the Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Kid Rock, En Vogue, Usher and Kanye West, among many others – and new opportunities for the savvy performer emerged. With a lively soundtrack and an original score by Yo La Tengo, this buoyant documentary celebrates one man who can’t stop the music.
From the isolation of his secluded desert compound in Southern California, Edwin Borsheim, eccentric founder of the long forgotten shock metal band Kettle Cadaver, ruminates on a life of violence, mayhem and personal destruction lived on the absolute edge of the known musical universe. DEAD HANDS DIG DEEP is anything but the typical music documentary.
WHO IS BILLY BONES?, a documentary that focuses on Steven “Billy Bones” Fortuna, lead singer of the seminal L.A. punk rock band The Skulls and an early pioneer of punk rock. The documentary highlights Fortuna’s unwavering perseverance amid adversity throughout the past four decades and includes interviews with rock musicians Mike Dirnt (Green Day), Christa Collins (X Factor), Chas T. Gray (Wall of Voodoo) and Kevin Preston (Prima Donna) among others. The screening will be followed by a live performance by Billy Bones and joined by special musical guests from the Bay Area.

Genre Films at the Alamo Drafthouse
IndieFest will also present Fantastic and Far Out Flicks curated by Austin’s Other Worlds programmer, Bears Fonté, such as:
HARUKO’S PARANORMAL LABORATORY, where Haruko’s wish to experience a “real paranormal phenomenon” finally comes true when her TV set unexpectedly comes to life in the form of a handsome, TV-headed humanoid who quickly becomes the object of her fascination and romantic affections.
After losing his job at a butcher shop in MEATHEAD GOES HOG WILD, a nameless man breaks in to his former place of work and steals as much meat as he could leave with. He wanders through impoverished Chicago neighborhoods offering food to various strangers. Most don’t know what to make of this bewildering gesture, and the offer is looked upon with suspicion, confusion and distrust. Already prone to erratic outbursts on a good day, the man responds to his increasingly grim situation in the most primal ways imaginable.
DIRECTOR’S COMMENTARY: THE TERROR OF FRANKENSTEIN is an exercise in extreme meta-fictional tragicomedy. Presented as the commentary track of a rushed reissue of a forgotten (but 100% genuine) Frankenstein film’s DVD (because of unspecified ‘recent events’), this project transforms the film into an entirely new, very human horror story.
BUNNY THE KILLER THING sets the scene for a group of seven Finnish young adults heading to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. The party weekend at cabin becomes a game for life and death, when suddenly a weird creature emerges from the forest to terrorize the people! The creature is half man, half rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing!
LADY PSYCHO KILLER presents a doe-eyed knife-wielding killer that is on the loose in a small town, slicing and dicing men of questionable intent left and right. As her brutality leaves a town littered with corpses, her unquenchable blood-lust is lost on her young lover who is willing to pursue her regardless of the obvious warning signs of psychosis. Will he meet his end at the end of her blade? She decides who lives or dies!
THE SIMILARS (LOS PARECIDOS) features a dark and stormy night, where eight strangers are stuck in a small bus station waiting for a bus to Mexico City. When strange things start happening, they find themselves trapped in a struggle for sanity and survival.
POLDER introduces NEUROO-X, a German-Swiss-Chinese entertainment company group that focuses on games that dissolve the boundary between reality and gaming. In doing so, a world full of demons, witches, knights and terrorists is formed from the psychoses of gamers, as their secret longings are the raw material for the storytelling of NEUROO-X.

International Films Showcased
This years festival is pleased to present a collection of films that tell stories from across the globe, both fiction and non-fiction. The festival will showcase the following:
Set in Colombia, CAMINO follows photojournalist Avery Taggert (stunt superstar now legit action star Zoe Bell) as she treks into the remotest regions of the country to cover a militant missionary bringing hope to the poor.
From Japan, LEAP YEAR GIRL follows a young, struggling actress who returns to her small hometown in rural Japan to confront growing up and responsibility as a young adult in a modern world.
CHUCK NORRIS VS. COMMUNISM showcases the power of film and details when in 1980s Romania, thousands of Western films smashed through the Iron Curtain opening a window into the free world for those who dared to look. A black-market VHS racketeer and a courageous female translator brought the magic of film to the people and sparked a revolution.
THE GALLOPING VET is a Turkish comedy focusing on a veterinary surgeon and professor who searches for the missing ingredient to his grandfathers handed down elixir recipe.
FRAME BY FRAME looks at four Afghan photojournalists as they navigate an emerging and dangerous media landscape as they reframe Afghanistan for the world and themselves.
STUBBORN BOY (BUBE STUR) follows Hanna, a 21-year-old German Woman, who recently released from prison journeys deep into the black forest to complete her community service. There she forms a bond with the townspeople in this compelling tale of friendship and maturity.

Short Film Programs Presented by KQED’s Film School Shorts
SF IndieFest and their longtime community partner KQED will team up again to present KQED’s award winning national TV series “Film School Shorts” as part of the festivals short films selection. Short film programmer Jay Wertzler sifted through over 1,000 films to curate the following five short film programs will be presented during the festival:
To A Fault follows several borderline obsessive characters as they try to get rich quick, steal a service dog’s vest, and dance away the tears. 80 min
Based on a True Story reveals the direct connection between the narratives we see on screen and the true stories that inspired them. 95 min
Revenge of the Shorts showcases some of the best indie horror, sci-fi and “genre” work normally shunned by traditional festivals. 98 min
Don’t Get All Mushy On Me doesn’t shy away from the ups and downs of relationships, be they between lovers, strangers, or a man and his foreskin. 95 min
Real Talk gives voices to some of the most powerful, unique, and human stories of the last year—plus a special sneak preview. 84 min

Additionally, as part of the partnership, KQED will be hosting a free, open bar reception/party at the triumphant return of the Bad Art Gallery on Friday, February 12th at 518 Valencia.

Additional Highlights for SF IndieFest 2016
This year’s festival will screen several new films including:
After the death of her friend Robin Williams, comedian Margaret Cho took to the streets with the mantra “Don’t grieve Robin, BE Robin.” What started as Margaret busking on the corner with a bag of socks and a guitar case, rapidly turned into hundreds of musicians, comedians, and homeless advocates spreading food, clothes, money and awareness in an amazing humanitarian street theater experience. #BEROBIN THE MOVIE capsures these events and shares the deeply moving and inspiring story. Directed by San Francisco based filmmaker Kurt Weitzmann.
The Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) Festival hit film, CHANGING SEASON: ON THE MASUMOTO FAMILY FARM, a documentary featuring the trials of the Masumoto family during a year of drought and changes on their organic farm. The Masumoto farm holds important origins: the first 40 acres were purchased by David Masumoto’s father – a first generation Japanese American who lived in an incarceration camp during WWII. The Masumoto Family will be in attendance with San Francisco based filmmaker Jim Choi.
Local filmmaker Carolyn Cavallero will present her film PARADISE CLUB. Based on a true San Francisco story, and filmed in San Francisco and Oakland, the semi-autobiographical tale of Catherine’s journey in 1968 into the heart of the club’s dark underworld while America is at the height of a social revolution.
HOMEMAKERS follows part-time punk singer, Irene McCabey, who must choose between her newfound domestic side and her unquenchable desire for self-destruction, after her ex-girlfriend moves to kick her out of their band and Irene receives the news that her estranged grandfather has bequeathed to her a dilapidated house across the country in Pittsburgh.
Sam Kretchmar presents KEEP IN TOUCH, where, a man attempts to track down his long-lost first love, only to discover that she was killed in a car accident years prior. He finds her younger sister, an aspiring musician who bears a striking resemblance to the girl he used to love. A relationship blossoms between the two before he has a chance to disclose his true identity. Features original music and performances by singer-songwriter Gabbi McPhee.

General Information about SF IndieFest
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San Francisco 2.0, Eviction city for Artisians, Help is on the way from “RushTix”.

San Francisco 2.0, Eviction city. Evicting Artists, Writers, Film makers, Actors, Directors, Musicians, Theatre and all the creative people connected to all the “Arts”. For the sake of “ART” not for the sake of “Money” artisans cannot afford to live in San Francisco and are quickly getting priced out of the Bay Area.

Making way for Tech with their idea of artistic expression in the way of writing code. What was once a city known for it’s avant guard expressionism through the arts is rapidly changing. It is becoming beige and bland. The architecture of a city, once known as the “sister city to Paris” for its esthetic beauty and culture. A city with architectural housing consisting of Victorian, Edwardian, Queen Anne, Art Deco, Beaux Art gems to name a few, have given way to Tiki Taki uniform steel and concrete boxes . They fit the new inhabitants . They are clones of each other with everyone in the same “uniform” of the day. San Francisco, a destination city for tourists and people wanting to share in its unique culture is disappearing .

Wait a minute,” Rushtix “a new company designed to support the ARTS through affordability has landed. “RushTix, is being heralded as “Netflix for the arts”. RushTix is the first unlimited pass to local arts and culture. Members pay one low monthly fee and get pairs of complimentary tickets. This allows arts enthusiasts to see more theater, concerts, and comedy with over 50 events each week”.

“The Starter Pass gives a member a complimentary ticket to unlimited events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Once a member attends an event, they may book their next event. RushTix also offers their original “Explorer Pass” ( 2 tickets for $49/mo) and the “Patron Pass” (2 tickets for $99/mo), which gives members even more arts and culture choices.”

“According to founder and CEO, Jill Bourque, “We’re offering the Starter Pass at a ridiculously low entry point,for  $8.99 a month plan”
The Bay Area has a phenomenal arts scene and we’re about getting folks to experience performances in real life, rather than on a screen.”Bourque started RushTix in 2014 as a way to give audiences access to more entertainment choices. As a stand-up comedian and independent producer, she saw first-hand how difficult it was for theaters to attract new and engaged audiences. RushTix solves this problem by offering a unique discovery platform.”  For more information go to

So, could this be a win- win for artists and techies ?

“ROSENWALD” Film Review:

Rosenwald Poster

What can one person accomplish in a their lifetime, that can impact generations ? Change a country and the world? It can start with one person, Julius “JR” Rosenwald was one of those rare men.

Aviva Kempner , Writer, Producer, Director; The female Steven Spielberg of Documentaries, her niche is spotlighting Jewish pioneers in their perspective fields. Jews that have changed America by their legacies that they have left behind. Kempner’s award winning “Yoo-Hoo Mrs. Goldberg” spotlighted the genius of the women credited for the very first TV sitcom and held the title as the most influential women in Television; the writer, actress, producer and comedic brillance of Gertrude Berg.

In addition, Kempner produced and directed Peabody-winning and Emmy nominated film “The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg”, about the Jewish slugger who fought anti-Semitism in the 1930’s and 40’s. Both Films have grossed over a million dollars and many acclaimed awards ,it has also earned 4 Honey B’…and remain favorites.

Kempner, does it again with her brilliant story telling documentary style of writing, directing,and interviews, captivating  Jewish extraordinary people.

“Rosenwald” is the incredible story of Julius Rosenwald, a German immigrant who never finished high school, yet rose to become the president and partner in Sears, Roebuck & co. chain of stores and ground-breaking Catalog. America’s largest mercantile, manufacturer, was head quartered in Chicago, Illinois. Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of is in it’s infancy compared to what “JR” Rosenwald along with Richard W. Sears had accomplished. Bezo’s , when the American lower and middle class can buy a “Kit” (prefab) affordable house from your  then you can boast of a major shopping  site.

Rosenwald became a multi millionaire with societal status , yet remained humble and was simply known and addressed by  “J.”R.”

Inspired by the Jewish ideals of tzedakah (charity) and tikkun loam (repairing the world). He was also influenced by the renowned Dr. Emil Hirsch of  the prestigious Sinai Temple’s. Including the influential German congregation of Chicago’s Sinai Temple that Rosenwald was a board member. J.R. was deeply concerned over racial inequality in America. The KKK hangings of Negros, mirrored the pogroms of Russia and troubled Julius Rosenwald greatly. He used his wealth to become one of America’s most effective philanthropists. Because of his modesty, Rosenwald’s philanthropy and social activism are not well known today. He gave away $62 million in his lifetime. But what that money bought was opportunity for generations of African Americans, priceless.

Influenced by the writings of the educator Booker T. Washington, “Up from Slavery” and William Henry Baldwin Jr’s “An American citizen” catapulted this Jewish philanthropist to join forces with Booker T. Washington and African American communities during the Jim Crow South. Over 5,300 “Rosenwald pilot schools” as they became to be known during the early part of the 20th century were built.  Over 660,00 students have attended.  The phenomena of creating community pride along with the active participation in actually building the physical schools and having to bare a percentage of matching financial responsibility helped create a wanted education for African American children that the Jim Crow South never wanted them to have. The Southern belief was to “keep them poor and ignorant so they never can leave the working farms. Tuskegee University, the first African American higher educational school was said to be one of Rosenwald’s greatest joys and accomplishment. The Tuskegee Airmen, championed by Eleanor Roosevelt and FDR.  The Negro, YMCA and YWCA across America were a Rosenwald initiative . The countless brilliant African American talents that were aided and funded by the Rosenwald Trust. The Museum of Science and Industry as it is now known was only known as “The Rosenwald”. So many more contributions that Rosenwald made to society, it is remarkable that Julius Rosenwald isn’t a household name! Thank you, Aviva Kempner for illuminating this unsung hero’s life. The next time you hear someone say” I am only one person what difference can I make?” Tell them to see “Rosenwald”.

Opens September 11, 2015 in the SF Bay Area

RATED: 4 Honey 🐝’s 👏 😘