“After Louie” & Whitney.”can I be me” S.F. LGBTQ Film Festival, Film Reviews

Kudos’ to all that participated in the making of one of the best Frameline: Genre Queer 2017, S.F.International LGBTQ Film Festivals.

Closing night film “After Louie” was a brilliant choice to end the festival. Why?  because, it deals with closure. Deep emotions from the survivors of a lost generation of AIDS victims as well as a new generation that is living in the Gay present.  Alan Cummings , is (Sam) a man, who after two decades after surviving the loss of his lover, his friends, his activist community of  brave souls that had been touched by the AIDS’s pandemic. Sam is now dealing with survivors guilt as so many have and still are.  Alan Cummings portrayal of Sam is so personal, so deep, so present, that one may question, is he being the brilliant actor that he is or is he just being himself reliving his own accounting of his life. Directed by longtime activist and ACT Up member Vincent Gagliostro. Many other LGBTQ luminaries appear in the film.  It is no wonder why Alan Cummings is the recipient of the 2017 Frameline Award. Co-Starring, Zachary Booth.

RATED: 3 1/2 . Honey 🐝🐝🐝’s

WHITNEY. “Can I Be Me” 

Why, oh why was this sham of a film ever allowed into the LGBTQ  S.F. Frameline Film Festival? Was it under the guise that childhood friend, Robin Crawford was Whitney’s lover? Was that old rumored news supposed to be the reason it was accepted  into the festival ? Because It was given a “Gay Hook”?  Robin Crawford was never interviewed. Robin Crawford did not confirm, sanction nor dignify the assertions made by Rudi Dolezai and Nick Broomfield.

Rudi Dolezai was somehow on just a small part of the 1999 , Whitney “My Love is Your Love Tour”. The footage that he shot for himself was grainy and had the quality that he was skulking around in the shadows to capture what he could.  With the intent on how to make a buck off of a time when Whitney’s drug disease was at it’s most vulnerable. He edited over and over again the small amounts of his footage to be reinserted into everything you have ever seen before on TMZ, ABC, any and all interviews over the years. Carefully cherry picking only the negative soundbites and of course his favorite source, “Being Bobby Brown” footage. Editing it all into the most salacious, vicious, mean spirited film. It is all self serving for these peddlers of exploitation for profit at it’s worst!

No wonder there weren’t any interviews by the most trusted influential and respected people that could speak to the validity about Whitney’s life. No wonder these two are being sued. In the Q&A section after the showing of this garbage they said upon the question posed to them “why weren’t there interviews by Robin Crawford who you are hanging your hat on the premise of this film ?” or of  Clive Davis her mentor and her close knit confidents ?” Their answer ” We talk to our Lawyers they are our best friends these days” . Well, you know the ol stories about lawyers and what they will do for a dollar. A Marriage made in sleaze heaven.  Rudi and Nick should get on the Broom-field they flew in on and fly away.

RATED: Don’t get STUNG paying for this one or waste your time seeing everything you already have seen or heard over the years.


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