“Like Crazy” Film Review

Like Crazy

“Like Crazy” is one of the most perfect titles for this Italian Dramedy . Directed by Paolo Virzì. Starring, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Beatrice ) & Micaela Ramazzotti ( Donatella)  As Italian momma , Sofia Petrillo (Golden Girls) would start a story with a visual,

Picture this;

Pistoia, Italy, Villa Biondi, a secure psychiatric experimental facility that looks like the Villa from the Godfather lll, Corleone family village.  “never let anyone know what you are thinking” said Michael Corleone .  This can be applied to “Like Crazy”.

Beatrice, a self described Countess who has a flare for ‘putting it over” on anyone at anytime to get what she wants or other wise known as a pathological liar. She suffers from mythomaniac . Beatrice, for the most part just wants to be a free spirited wealthy women who just wants to have” FUN”. Her attitude is infectious.

Donatella, is a young, multi-tattooed  women, who  keeps her punishing mysterious pain to herself, rendering her an introvert by design.

The two women meet at Villa Biondi.  There is a unique attraction and bond that forms between them . Is there a level of silent recognition and familiarity  that is felt between two ” crazy” likeness’ between people?

If you loved “Thelma and Louise”  then you will love “Like Crazy”. This Italian film with English subtitles  goes deeper into the phycological depth of “Beatrice and Dontatella’s ” wild escapades .  “Like Crazy” runs the gamut of emotions .  Valeria Bruni Tedeschi,  is captivating in her portrayal of Billionaire Countess Beatrice, at least in her own mind .

Micaela Ramazzotti’s ( Donatella ) performance, emotionally  sucks you into her tormented psyche. A condition, which is more common than not in its cause and effect. Micaela, puts a face on to this “disorder” that goes straight to your heart.

RATED:  3 Honey 🐝🐝🐝 I’m a like pazzo for this film

Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival 2016 (Directors Fortnight)
Official Selection – Vancouver International Film Festival 2016

Opens May 19, 2017
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center
1118 Fourth Street (between A&B Streets)
San Rafael, CA

Opera Plaza Cinema,  San Francisco





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