“FRANTZ” Film Review


“War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again” “Oh ,war, I despise ’cause it means destruction of innocent lives , War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes when their sons go to fight and lose their lives, War it ain’t nothing but a heart-breaker, (war ) friend only to the undertaker” Lyrics/ Sung by  Edwin Star 1970

Post World War 1, 1919 in a small German town of Quedlinburg . A young beautiful women (Anna Hoffmeister : played by break out actress , Paula Beer) tends to her fiancés grave sight. She is not the only one visiting and mourning “Frantz” who was  killed in battle in France. On that day, a  young Frenchman, Adrien Rivoire ( played by : Pierre Niney) , also lays flowers at the grave. His  mysterious presence so soon after the German defeat is just the tip of the emotionally sensitive aftermath of war from a very intimate perspective. Anna’s  heart breaking roller coaster of love ,mourning and reconciliation. The perspective from Frantz’s German parents and the German townsmen.

Then there is the full circle flip of Adrien’s family and Frances’s perspective and attitude to German Anna Hoffmeister and Germany, post War.

The film is shot in Black and White representing  present day and color for the past. There are so many thought provoking layers to this well crafted and directed film. It is no wonder that it has garnered :

Winner – Best Cinematography (Pascal Marti), 42nd César Awards
Winner – Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actress (Paula Beer), 2016 Venice Film Festival
Winner – Grand Jury Prize for Best Performance International Narrative (Paula Beer) & Best International Feature, 2017 Gasparilla International Film Festival
Official Selection – 2017 Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Rendez-Vous with French Cinema
Spotlight Selection – 2017 Sundance Film Festival
Official Selection – 2016 Telluride Film Festival
Official Selection – 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

Director: François Ozon  is one of French cinema’s most prolific writer-directors, and has explored and subverted many genres with films including Water Drops on Burning Rocks, Criminal Lovers, Under the Sand, 8 Women, Swimming Pool, 5×2, Time To Leave, Hideaway, Potiche, In the House, Young and Beautiful and The New Girlfriend.

Director,Ozon,said  for “Frantz” “he drew his inspiration from Ernst Lubitsch’s 1932 drama Broken Lullaby, with stunning visual references to painter Caspar David Friedrich”.

Opens March 24th
Landmark Clay in San Francisco
Landmark Shattuck in Berkeley
Camera in San Jose
Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael

RATED: 4 Honey 🐝🐝🐝🐝’s




  1. kathyrives · March 22, 2017

    Thanks for the review. Will most definitely see it if it comes to a theatre here.

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. reviewer · March 22, 2017

    Here’s an advance tip on the next film review with 4 Honey B’s…in case” NORMAN: The moderate rise and tragic fall of a New York fixer” comes to you before Frantz does. Norman stars Richard Gere.


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