“The Brand New Testament” Review


What if you knew the date and time of your death? What would you do with your remaining time?  The ONE universal question no one knows the answer to. The one answer that can reset your life in the way you live it. Jaco Van Dormael , has given us a beautifully shot and directed film that deserves a multitude of praise! “The Brand New Testament” is so perviously perfect, it puts the “S” in Surreal, Brain candy coupled with laugh out loud devilish, delightful humor.  To tell you more of what ensues in this film would seem too bizarre and would definitely get lost in its brilliance, through written translation.

The film was shot in Belgium in 2015 and released December 2016. It is in French with English subtitles.  The Subtitles  are perfectly placed and do not flash by so fast you can’t read and take in the visuals at the same time. The visuals are so artistic, matching the absurdity  of the script’s scenes. The musical score matches these scenes and in some instances becomes its own character. The casting , is perfect and what would a French spoken film be without the legendary actress Catherine Deneuve. Director, Van Dormael’s imagination and his gift for conceptualization has brought a truly unique voice to this well crafted film and deserves the following awards:

Best Foreign Language Film Nominee – 2016 Golden Globe®
Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay – 2015 Magritte Awards (Belgian Academy Award)
Best Comedy – 2015 Fantastic Fest
Official Selection – 2015 Cannes Film Festival – Directors’ Fortnight
Official Selection – 2015 BFI London International Film Festival
Closing Night Film – 2015 Festival Du Film Francophone

“The Brand New Testament ” gets my vote for Best Foreign Language Film.

RATED: 4 .Honey 🐝🐝🐝🐝




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