San Francisco 2.0, Eviction city for Artisians, Help is on the way from “RushTix”.

San Francisco 2.0, Eviction city. Evicting Artists, Writers, Film makers, Actors, Directors, Musicians, Theatre and all the creative people connected to all the “Arts”. For the sake of “ART” not for the sake of “Money” artisans cannot afford to live in San Francisco and are quickly getting priced out of the Bay Area.

Making way for Tech with their idea of artistic expression in the way of writing code. What was once a city known for it’s avant guard expressionism through the arts is rapidly changing. It is becoming beige and bland. The architecture of a city, once known as the “sister city to Paris” for its esthetic beauty and culture. A city with architectural housing consisting of Victorian, Edwardian, Queen Anne, Art Deco, Beaux Art gems to name a few, have given way to Tiki Taki uniform steel and concrete boxes . They fit the new inhabitants . They are clones of each other with everyone in the same “uniform” of the day. San Francisco, a destination city for tourists and people wanting to share in its unique culture is disappearing .

Wait a minute,” Rushtix “a new company designed to support the ARTS through affordability has landed. “RushTix, is being heralded as “Netflix for the arts”. RushTix is the first unlimited pass to local arts and culture. Members pay one low monthly fee and get pairs of complimentary tickets. This allows arts enthusiasts to see more theater, concerts, and comedy with over 50 events each week”.

“The Starter Pass gives a member a complimentary ticket to unlimited events in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Once a member attends an event, they may book their next event. RushTix also offers their original “Explorer Pass” ( 2 tickets for $49/mo) and the “Patron Pass” (2 tickets for $99/mo), which gives members even more arts and culture choices.”

“According to founder and CEO, Jill Bourque, “We’re offering the Starter Pass at a ridiculously low entry point,for  $8.99 a month plan”
The Bay Area has a phenomenal arts scene and we’re about getting folks to experience performances in real life, rather than on a screen.”Bourque started RushTix in 2014 as a way to give audiences access to more entertainment choices. As a stand-up comedian and independent producer, she saw first-hand how difficult it was for theaters to attract new and engaged audiences. RushTix solves this problem by offering a unique discovery platform.”  For more information go to

So, could this be a win- win for artists and techies ?


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