“Best of Enemies” Film Review


ABC NEWS – ELECTION COVERAGE 1968 – “Convention Coverage” – Airdate in August 1968. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images) WILLIAM BUCKLEY;GORE VIDAL

“Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones but Words will never Harm Me” When that adage was written both William F. Buckley JR. and Gore Vidal were not even born. If the author were alive in 1968 and watched the ABC News- Republican /Democratic Presidential Election Debate coverage with William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal , the adage would be changed A.S.A.P !  William F. Buckley jr. , a conservative right wing libertarian Christian best known for using his platform as the editor of the “National Review” to forward  the movement.  Gore Vidal was an iconoclast, distinctive writer known for his ground breaking novel “Myra Breckenridge”. It was made into a film starring Rachel Welch as a Transsexual Man who becomes a women who becomes a man!  His other visionary book written in 1948 “The City and the Pillar” about a city where homosexuality was the normal society.  Both men were intellectual giants and opposite ends of the spectrum in their beliefs. Each thought that the other was dangerous to the country. Back in 1968 there were only three major network television stations. NBC, CBS and ABC in that order of popularity, ratings and revenue. Since ABC couldn’t afford to have gavel to gavel live coverage of the Election debates like NBC and CBS, they needed viewership. What better way to get ratings and coverage of the Republican / Democratic Presidential Election debate conventions but to pit Buckley and Vidal together to debate each other over the ten days of election conventions.  Starting in Miami Florida for the Republican party.  Vidal was a great talker possessing a flashing biting tongue and Buckley a great debater. From the start it was not about as much that the Liberal Democrats  accused the right wing Republicans of being racist, antisemitic with a disease of greed, bigotry, insensitivity and general stupidity . And the Republicans accusing the liberal Democrats of being a huge sector of poor people freeloading on the government. Law and order was dividing the country racially. Identity politics were being formed. Racial religious beliefs were blocking civil rights. Buckley believed “Freedom breeds inequality that is ruled by the elites”. Angry white ethnics were Buckley’s audience during the racial tensions. The debates became from the start, “Blood debates” between the two as their intellectual minds and tongues were their weapons in which it would be a fight to the death (figuratively speaking) . It did end in a three year law suit between the intellectual warriors.  As the first 2016 Republican Presidential debates begin with a field of Evangelical right wing Republicans and racial tensions dividing our country. Right to life issues, Same Sex marriage, Health reform and world wide International issues , jobs and employment, Gun control , the loss of the middle class are still the issues today. All these Issues are high on the list of changes for the Republican party. The ones that President Obama’s Democratic administration fought hard for their current status, “Best of Enemies” is a must see no matter what your political beliefs are. The similarities and same issues are still being fought over. Ronald Reagan was the running laughing joke, that an actor could become President. Is Donald Trump, the outspoken billionaire businessman ,the 2016 races joke or is it? As George Santayana wrote “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” The United States unique disease of political amnesia is in need of a vaccine, Opps! that is a California debate on vaccinations as well! “Argument is sugar and we are all flies” Let’s face it, this has not changed , ask Bravo TV, TMZ, E! programming , Fox , CNN, CNBC etc. and it has crept into all media especially the internet/twitter haters. Directed by Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon . “Best of Enemies” is a brilliant documentary and so very poignant for the current times. RATED: 4 Honey  👏 🐝


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  1. eve · August 12, 2015

    Your film reviews are spot on! I have seen the ones you recommended and the ones you didn’t only to find out YOU you were correct. You have the film critic credentials I look for. When you pan a film I won’t waste my money on seeing it. Thank you and keep on providing the Buzz from Honey B…


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