“Tangerine” Film Review

tangerine kikiTangerine

H-O-L-L-YWO-OD! where everyone can have a dream and anyone can be a star. Merry X-Mas Bitches, say the transsexual working gals on the boulevard, where some may say of broken dreams. Where the Santa from the coca cola ads of the 1950’s will not be greeting you with a merry Xmas at the counter of Donut Time. This is not the glamorous Caitlyn Jenner transgender Hollywood. This is a slice of life that has a higher percentage of the transgender community. The raw, nitty gritty reality of transgender’s, that can’t get a regular corporate job. That were kicked out of their homes and communities for being transgendered. Streets and places where trans is accepted and is the norm. A sense of community,that  one will look out for you. This is where the POV of “Tangerine” succeeds in bringing you into their world. The world of Sin-Dee (newcomer Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) who is released from her jail time and is back on the streets. Wanting to be with her boyfriend pimp (James Ransone, Starlet, “Generation Kill”)  Sin-Dee  first encounters Her best friend and working trans gal Alexandra (newcomer May Taylor) where upon she has heard from some other “bitches” that her man has been cheating on her! Well, hold on to your Dynel wigs cause you are in for a ride and hot pursuit not like any episode on “Law and Order ” to find the cheat’n whore who is trying to steal her man !

There are other sub cultures with their stigmas that are exposed . The Armenian cab driver who has an expensive habit for tranny prostitutes. His Armenian wife and her family having to  deal with their own repercussions of his infidelity.

Director Sean Baker’s prior films (Starlet, Prince Of Broadway) were rich with texture and intimate detail to worlds seldom seen. “Tangerine” is definitely in Baker’s wheelhouse. By shooting the film with his Apple 5s cell phone adds the gritty, non slick perspective of the street and the transexuals that call it home.  Merry Xmas to one and all bitches, with peace, love and happiness!

“Tangerine” World Premiered at 2015 Sundance Film Festival, also at 2015 San Francisco International Film Festival.  Featured at Landmark theaters

RATED: 3 Honey Bitch’in 🐝🐝🐝


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