“Do I Sound Gay” Film Review


The summer trek to Camp Fire Island  always fascinated me because of the metamorphous that took place .Starting at New York City’s Penn Station to catch the Long Island rail road to Bayshore, where you would get a shuttle to the Ferry boat and onto Fire Island Pines & Cherry Grove, merrily you would go.  At the Start of this journey, bolting straight from work the boy’s wore their work suits accompanied by an attache case and their weekend luggage. They would quietly board the train.  An exchange of knowing gazes would demurely be exchanged. Changing trains heading to the South Shore also was the changing of body language and the shedding of suit jackets and ties. Talking started to ensue with a soft “Ss’s” attached to certain words. Once on the Ferry and safely on the water, Off came the shirts and on with jeans, shorts , scarves and lots of SSSSS’s . The complete shedding of hiding being Gay, sounding straight, posturing straight and full on freedom of Being and Sounding Gay!

Camp Fire Island  was a protected stretch of beach that allowed all to be what they wanted to be. Dressing up, down and side ways for Tea Time dance. Fashion was born on that dance floor and copied by Madonna, Georgio st. Angelo, Perry Ellis and the list goes on of “A List” designers and entertainers. DJ’s broke new music, if it played well on the dance floor It would fly onto the mainstream radio playlists. Sounding Gay was a badge of honor, it also was “code” to be translated by how you sounded ,how you walked, and carried your body while gesturing .

That was before the AIDS epidemic, before civil ceremonies let alone legally being married. Gay rights were just grumblings and in its infancy. Some 30 + years later, Marriage equality, organized LGBT legal defense leagues fighting for civil rights, Film Festivals, Television/Movies, with leading out LGBT actors and specific leading Gay roles.

Entered in this year’s Frameline Film Festival is  a documentary, by Filmmaker David Thorpe  “Do I Sound Gay?”  Mr. Thorpe made a statement on the  historic gay marriage Supreme Court ruling: “When I started filming ” DO I SOUND GAY?”, only six states allowed same-sex marriage. What an incredible four years it’s been. Now that marriage is legal, D.I.S.G explores the daily, finer points of what acceptance means for LGBT people and all minorities. Legal battles are won but transcending homophobia is a person by person experience.”  Mr. Thorpe takes us on his exploration of “sounding Gay and how not too? ” How to accept his own homosexuality now that times have changed dramatically since “StoneWall”.”D.I.S.G., includes revealing interviews with Margaret Cho, Tim Gunn, Don Lemon, Dan Savage, David Sedaris and George Takei.

How we speak, how we sound, what we say, everyone has a unique voice, it’s how you use it!  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is it a duck?

Rated : 3 Honey  🐝 sss

Opens July 24, 2015 in the SF. Bay Area


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